Yellow roses on a wedding day

Yellow Rose in all its glory

Can you picture the warmth and color of the sun? The yellow rose is well known throughout the ages as a warm and delightful flower. The rose and its yellow petals date back many centuries. The lovely yellow colors of this flower and its delicate petals bring about happiness and thoughts of friendship and caring. We will take a closer look at this yellow beauty in its journey that has created such a glorious inspiration so much different than that of the white, pink and red rose colors.

The yellow rose has been around for a long time but it is not the oldest rose color to be cultivated. Before the eighteenth century, this wonderful type of rose with its yellow petals had not been discovered. The yellow rose had to have some breeding with other varieties of rose to make it have a nice scent but the color was very unique and made it very popular.

Although the color is cheerful and the flower petals lovely some places did not associate e the yellow color with good symbols. But with changes over the ages, the negative thoughts about the yellow color were removed from the association when connected to the yellow rose.

What are these associations? What does the yellow rose usually signify in most countries?

  • Caring
  • Warmth
  • Joy
  • Friendship
  • A wish to get well
  • Platonic love
  • A want for freedom
  • End a relationship

What are some occasions than for a yellow petal flower such as the rose?

  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Congratulations
  • Great for new moms
  • For any Texas lover as it is the flower of Texas

What are some of the varieties of yellow roses you could grow for landscape?


These have a lot of flowers and come in a lot of colors but little fragrance and are perfect for gardens and landscaping.

But what about sending someone flowers or growing to cut type blooms?


Try Hybrid Teas:

These rose flowers are one of the most popular and grow very long stems and pointed buds. They too come in many colors and are great for sending to someone or for cutting to put in your house.

If you want to combine colors then yellow roses go well with red and indicate feelings of happiness and or celebration. But red rose blossoms and white roses indicate harmony.

Yellow bud flowers such as this are unique and can in the right situations bring happiness to an unhappy moment or just simply brighten a day and show friendliness. So very much unlike the romance you think of with a lot of other roses.

When you pick your rose, for whatever reason, keep in mind that color isn’t the only thing to think of but if you want to express sunshine and happiness to someone you could do very well to send them a yellow rose.

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