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What to do with Rose Petals

Do you grow roses and then compost the trimmings of the stems, leaves and rose petals? Well, a lot of people who grow roses just throw out the trimmings even the petals. Rose petals can have some valuable uses though and in fact, are sold for many purposes. What could you do with rose petals? Let take a peek.

Well, if you are growing your own roses or know someone who is you can take the petals from the buds of the flowers after the roses are done blooming or after trimming and place them in a bowl with holes or a net or something where the petals can receive air as they dry. You can collect enough to store away in a bag and use it for decorating and for fragrance.

Or…you can take fresh petals and use them in a ceremony or as a decorative item. You would take the fresh petals and place them softly between absorbent materials like a paper towel or tissue and then place them into a plastic bag. Then you can place them in the refrigerator in the veggie drawer but you have to use them quickly if you want to use them on a special occasion as they won’t be pretty forever.

What colors of petals can you use? Well all of them actually and here are some suggestions.

  • Color coordinate with the theme
  • Use lavender for instant first sight love
  • Use white for eternal love
  • Use yellow for friendship
  • Use red for romantic things
  • Light pink can be used for happiness or if you admire someone

Now that you have color ideas what can you actually use the flower petals with?

  • Potpourri
  • Petal Pockets
  • Sachets
  • In baskets
  • Floating candles
  • Petal purses

For instance:

Put the petals in a basket anywhere in the house or outside as a decorative item and to add fragrance. Try immediately by the high traffic door in the house if you have a very fragrant rose flower petal.
You can use sachets, purses, baskets, just petals dry or fresh, glass containers, candles etc…in ceremonies like weddings or how about covering the walkway of a wedding departure or arrival.
Put lovely petals in pretty candles on tables and make a nice centerpiece. Give out baby or wedding shower gifts of sachets. The ideas are endless as many people enjoy the lovely fragrance you can achieve when putting rose petals into a small space.

There are some safety measures though. Be sure if you throw petals around from roses that they are not on a wet slick area. Rose petals can stain things and a person could go for quite a spill.

Try out different ideas with flower petals and buds like from the rose. If you don’t grow roses yet you want to use rose petals for a special occasion you can buy rose petals online.

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