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What is an All Inclusive Honeymoon Package?

We all know that planning a wedding includes a multiplicity of details that much be checked and rechecked right up to the last person leaving the reception. With all the hard work that goes into pulling off the perfect wedding, it is any wonder that the idea of an all-inclusive honeymoon package has taken off? Here’s some basic information about all-inclusive honeymoon packages.

As the name implies, an all-inclusive honeymoon package covers just about everything except your mode of travel to and from the location you have selected for the honeymoon. While you are a guest at the resort or hotel, your package will include a specified number and types of amenities. As an example, a typical package at a seaside hotel would include a suite with a view of the ocean, two meals a day, beach privileges that include chairs and umbrellas, free admission to entertainment playing at the hotel or nearby, access to fitness rooms, and pool privileges.

Many establishments that offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages will provide three or four plans. Each plan will carry a different price tag and will include different amenities. The price for each plan will be determined by the amenities included. For instance, a package that contains a smaller room overlooking the pool will usually cost less than the package that contains a suite with a view of the ocean. While some resorts offer a basic package and then a list of amenities that can be added to make up a custom package, it is more typical to simply look at the available plans and pick one.

When evaluating an all-inclusive honeymoon package, it is very important to read all the specifications, so there is no confusion about what is and is not included in the package. Should you have any doubts regarding any part of the package, the time to clarify is before you actually reserve anything. Most resorts are more than happy to help you select a package that is right for the newlyweds. Between the expert advice of the resort and your knowledge of the likes and dislikes of the new couple, you are sure to pick a package that is right for the situation.

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