Wedding Car Hire

Wedding Car Hire – A Romantic Opportunity

Whether you plan to arrive at your wedding on a tandem, in a vintage car or in a horse-drawn carriage there are certain considerations, such as cost, distance, and style, which may affect your choice. Unless you are fortunate enough to live close enough to your church or wedding venue to be able to walk there, you will need at least one vehicle to get you to your place of marriage. As well as being functional, this provides a wonderful opportunity to make a grand arrival.

It’s all very well planning to arrive at the church a few minutes late, but if your wedding car hire isn’t properly organized you might find you can’t get there at all! Unless you live a few yards away from your church or wedding venue and are planning to walk you are going to need at least one vehicle, but before you go booking your dream car there are a few issues such as numbers, cost, distance and style that may affect your choice.

Wedding cars for hire are traditionally large, luxurious limousines such as Rolls Royces, Daimlers and Mercedes and are easily obtainable from wedding car companies. However, if the car you want is something special or unusual – a vintage car or an open-top Rolls Royce perhaps, these are available from specialist companies and may involve a bit of extra phoning around. Some vintage car enthusiasts will hire their cars out for weddings and perform the role of chauffeur themselves, most often dressed in a uniform that is in keeping with the era of the car.

Wedding car hires companies generally charge for the entire day. Most firms will require a deposit at the time booking and settlement in full either a week before your wedding or on the day. If you are paying on the day, have a cheque or the money ready beforehand; it would very unglamorous to have to make a stop at the cashpoint machine on the way.

Before booking your transport and confirming with a deposit, take a little time to visit the company to view the vehicle and to check on important points such as:

      • Will the wedding car hire be decorated with ribbons and flowers- will flowers be fresh or silk, can they match your color scheme?
      • In the event of your wedding car be involved in an accident or breakdown on the day of your wedding, what procedures do they have for replacing the car and what alternatives could they offer?
      • Will the car be required for other weddings on the day, and if so, how long is given between each wedding? You do not want a chauffeur who is racing along to get to his next wedding.

A wedding car hires companies to rehearse each wedding route just prior to the wedding date to ensure there are no road closures or potential problems that may occur on your special day. Make sure the wedding car is driven by a professional, friendly, uniformed chauffeur, trained in advanced driving who will transport you

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