virtuous White Rose

The strong and virtuous White Roses

The strong, stable and virtuous white roses are a symbol of purity. The white rose in tradition is known for its use in weddings and as such has been named at times the bridal rose. There are a lot of species of white rose to choose from and all of them are inspiring and strong. No matter what though the rose has become a very positive symbol.

Throughout the times the white petal flower has eluded to the idea that one stands up for one’s beliefs at any and all costs. It is resistant yet pure and full of the meanings of virtue. It actually has more to say about one’s love for another than the red rose. Why? Because it means to endure and is at all costs while not a fleeting passion like the red petal rose can convey. It means to be consistent. And it has consistently maintained this virtue over the centuries.

The virtuous white roses would have no problems even if it didn’t hold such a powerful message though. As it is a wonderful and beautiful flower that anyone who receives it should be as proud to receive as the person who gives it should be.

While there are a lot of species of roses with white petals to give once you have had experience with a few of them you might find that you have some favorites. If you are planning to grow some then there are some that will likely do better in your area. However, if you want to send some white petal rose flowers to someone then there are some favored ones as well.

But to give a bouquet of white cut rose flowers then you would probably be very pleased with some of these:

* The hybrid tea is known as Honor
* The creamy colored blossoms of the French lace rose in the floribunda category
* For a long vase life try the New French Romantic type known as Martine Guillot with its creamy white blooms with a blush of peach.

While the white petals of the rose flower can be a symbol that is different from many people it almost always has a positive note. The love, pureness, friendship, and hope that it conveys are matched by beauty. No matter why you want to give a rose to someone you could not possibly do anyone a disservice if you give them a white rose.

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