The Charm of the Gazebo Wedding

The Charm of the Gazebo Wedding

A wedding is probably the most memorable day in a man and a woman’s lives. It goes without saying that everyone wants his or her wedding to be the best possible wedding. The memories of a wedding need to stand the test of time remaining fond in people’s minds for decades. That is why so much effort and energy is put into planning a wedding.

Now, of course, there are many different concepts for what constitutes a quality wedding venue. Some prefer church weddings. Some prefer banquet hall weddings. There are even those who prefer getting married out at sea. There have even been skydiving weddings (can’t imagine that there were all that many guests at that one) and scuba diving weddings (ditto). Probably one of the more popular weddings has been the gazebo wedding.

Exchanging vows in the outdoors inside a gazebo has a charming quality to it. The gazebo itself has an intimate charm to it and, by having the gazebo wedding outside, there is also the expansiveness that is provided by not being confined indoors. In that regard, a gazebo ceremony has a charming mix of two different poles. They are not in opposition to one another, but rather complement each other.

Now, not all gazebo services are held outdoors. There have been many instances where the gazebo was used inside a banquet hall or similar such building. So, a gazebo wedding is fairly flexible as to where it can be held. A gazebo ceremony can pretty much be held anywhere a gazebo can be set up. (Hence, no skydiving or scuba diving gazebo wedding.)

So, the gazebo wedding remains a charming staple on the wedding landscape and should remain so for many more decades to come. All wedding planners should give it serious consideration.

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