best and simple wedding cakes

Simple wedding cakes

If you’re planning a very simple and classy wedding and you want your cake to be simple as well you must know that simple should never mean dull.

Simple wedding cakes are just as beautiful as elaborate ones and also equally tasty. Just remember that simplicity often means elegance and „less is more”.

Such a cake can avoid spending too much money on your wedding as you may be able to make it yourself. It also makes your wedding planning a lot less stressful when you don’t have to think about something very fancy for your cake.

Simple wedding cakes should, in most cases, be plain and have a square or triangular shape, which is very easy to make and decorate. Simple cakes are always a tasteful sight at the wedding reception.

A good example of such a cake would be a single-tier white cake with silver sprinkles and some flowers on top for a touch of color. For decorations look into your garden for inspiration as flowers always look lovely on a cake. Also look around your house for objects that could make your cake stand out, like an antique figurine, bows and ribbons or shells. Another decorating option is some fresh, delicious fruits.

For a classical look try going for a tiered cake with sleek white-fondant icing. The fondant will add a touch of elegance and will also make your simple decorations shine. If you hate the fuss of cutting a tiered cake that needs setting up and dismantling afterward then have the tiers displayed separately. You could do this on white or clear supports or you could use ordinary dessert stands in various sizes.

If you are on a really tight budget and you also want to be a little creative then try instead of having a big spectacular wedding cake to have several smaller and simpler ones. You could gather your friends and family and do the baking and the decorating together. The cakes could all look identical or just share a common theme. Another money-saving option is to consider your local grocery store bakery.

Many of these will do simple wedding cakes on special order and they won’t charge you a lot of money. To glam up your cake try using a shine single letter monogram as your topper. It will personalize the cake more. Or go for a bouquet of real flowers as a cake topper. You can just ask your florist to make it.

Simple wedding cakes are always traditional and blend perfectly with a white wedding giving it more elegance and dignity.

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