Rose Bouquet styles and other flower bouquet ideas

Rose Bouquet styles and other flower bouquet ideas

There are roses in every color and many occasions to use a rose bouquet. With a bouquet, you are not stuck with one type of flower or one type of container. A bouquet of roses can be a wonderful gift in any color ready to be given for any occasion. The bouquet with roses is a popular and common gifting item. You can mix roses with other flowers and other items too. It is up to your occasion and your imagination. But consider that not all flowers look good together. So here are some ideas

First here are some occasions for bouquets although no particular occasion is needed to gift someone a bouquet.

* An Anniversary Bouquet
* A Bouquet showing Love
* A Wedding Bouquet
* A Birthday Bouquet
* Friendship bouquet
* love bouquet
* I’m sorry bouquet

Let’s take a closer look at some occasions:

Anniversary Bouquets

Since these are great times to show love why not have a rose flower bouquet made or have a bouquet of flowers made from Daisies, tulips, and daffodils.
The rose bouquet could have:
* Red roses
* Pink roses
* Medium pink roses
* Some spray roses also pink
* Some white lisianthus
* Maybe some fern too
* add a huggable bear to the mix

For the wedding bouquet, you could have so many varieties and styles that this article will not address but for a wonderful wedding bouquet you should consider:
* The wedding color theme
* The flower style
* The arrangement style

For a spring wedding theme use:

* Blues
* Pinks
* Greens

Fall wedding themes look great with:

* Orange
* Red
* Amber

While Birthday bouquets are totally up to one’s imagination and who the recipient is and their age here are some suggestions:

* Keep the bouquets joyous, fun, cheerful and bright
* If you want to give a child a bouquet give them flowers with a toy or balloon
* Give a guy roses that have vivid colors
* For the lady, you might send roses with exotic flowers

Most flowers have plants that look good. Some suggestions for combinations with rose flower bouquets are to use the fern-like foliage of the yarrow plant. It has pink, white, and yellow to accent the mix. Also, blue, pink, purple scabiosa looks good in a rose bouquet.

Simply use your imagination to create a bouquet or help your florist to brainstorm the ideal bouquet for the perfect effect. The florist should offer many styles of flowers and bouquets to which you can add decorations, special containers, and huggable accessories. You could have as much enjoyment coming up with a rose bouquet style as the person who receives it.

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