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Palm Tree Decoration Ideas

To date, there are approximately 2,600 species of palm trees and three-quarters of them can be seen only in areas with a tropical or Mediterranean climate. In the United States, only the ‘hardy palm’ trees that can survive season changes can be grown.

So, if you have planted hardy palm trees on your backyard, you can decorate them to mark the celebration of holidays and feasts such as birthdays, reunions, Thanks Giving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

Wrapping Christmas lights around the trunk of a palm tree are one of the oldest palm tree decoration ideas. Though the oldest, this palm tree decoration idea is still being used by hotels, restaurants, and homes that still love the natural-looking effect of Christmas Roman lights on a genuine palm tree and hate the disco-light effect of commercial lighted palm trees that come in eccentric and unusual colors.

Another palm tree decoration idea is to tape pin lights on the length of the stems or around the edge of the leaves to create a 2-D light works. This palm tree decoration idea is a bit taxing; you need to go up the tree to do this or hire someone to climb the palm tree for you. But if your hardy palm tree is just a shrub in size, you can do this on your own.

For weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, a dozen dangling bulb lights covered with paper boxes will give your palm tree decoration and sophisticated style. Don’t forget to match the color of your paper boxes with the occasion’s color motif. As a finishing touch, buy thick silk ribbons, also in color motif, and tie a single bow in the middle half of the trunk.

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