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A Gold Wedding Band Honors Tradition And Symbolizes A Bright Future

I remember one of my best buddies asking me once, during his bachelor’s party, whether or not he should offer a gold wedding band for his bride-to-be. He was on a tight budget, you see, and he’d rather save on wedding expenses as much as he could. After all, according to him, he would be compensating with a Caribbean cruise he had booked in advance for their honeymoon.

What I told him made him change his mind.

“Joey,” I said, “a wedding band is a tradition. If you want to make your marriage last, then there’s no better way to show such a desire than in honoring tradition and making Sheryl (his then fiance) feel that you’ll do everything you can to make it all work out.”

The next day Joey started searching for the best wedding band available.

Indeed, wedding bands are part of bridal lore. They symbolize the bond that the would-be spouses will share, one that should withstand the direst of times, and one which should remain throughout a lifetime. As such, it has been customary for the bride to wear an ornamental wedding band come to her wedding day. After all, she’s expected to get married only once, ideally speaking at least. Might as well make it as memorable as possible.

And when it comes to ornamental bridal paraphernalia, there are few that are more elegant than a gold wedding band. A gold wedding band comes in a variety of designs, and in a variety of gold malleability:

* A 14K gold wedding band is usually chosen by spouses who want a stronger and more durable ornament for their wedding day.

* A wedding band made of 24K gold is usually chosen by spouses who want a more pliable accessory. 24K gold is quite popular because it can easily be bent, owing to its soft form.

* An 18K gold wedding band is a combination of the other varieties. It is relatively flexible, but it is stronger than the 24K variety as well.

Choosing a wedding band based on the gold’s malleability level will depend on what you need and what you desire. There are pros and cons for each variety, most definitely, but in the end, gold is still gold, and a wedding band is still a wedding band. You’ll still have the elegance of a prized material in the form of an accessory that will honor tradition and will herald a lifetime of marital bliss.

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